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    After the setup of ISPConfig and the transfer of all out client domains and mail accounts, I noticed that Mambo and other db applications don't want to run properly. Eventually I tracked the problem to the VHosts_ispconfig.conf file where it keeps adding two directives to all new virtual hosts added on the site.

    I amanually editied this file to comment out the two directives that was preventing Mambo to run
    # php_admin_flag safe_more On
    # php_admin_value open_basedit /var/www/web??/

    This then works fine untill I open ISPConfig and make any change on any of the domain, as it seems that ISPCOnfig then re-writes the VHosts_ispconfig.conf and removed the comments from all the sites to have php safe_mode on again and the open_basedit restriction on again for all the virtual domains.

    How to I stop this from happening, and maybe even if possible disable thise to directives on all current websites as well as future websites to be added?
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    These directives where added, because you enabled PHP safemode in the website settings in ISPConfig. Uncheck the php safemode checkbox and safemode is disabled for the website.
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    Thank you for th4e response and advise. I did as you recommended, and it solved my problem ;)

    Thank you

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