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Discussion in 'General' started by crypted, Mar 26, 2010.

  1. crypted

    crypted New Member

    What would be the best way to check that? Based on /var/www/ subdirectories or am I wanting to compare it to the domains that are listed as SITES on ISPCONFIG's control panel?
  2. falko

    falko Super Moderator

    Either that, or from your memory.

    That doesn't help because ISPConfig gets the data from the database.
  3. crypted

    crypted New Member

    Okay here are the results for those tables:

    Checked the isp_isp_domain against the /var/named/ zonefiles on server

    areyouracist.com dns does not have a ~ file
    pwcsportsmanl.com dns does not have ~ file
    peruvianprincess.org dns does not have ~ file
    katiespivey.com dns does nto have ~ file
    pri.franceskosak.com dns does not have ~ file
    duplicate of areyouracist.com entry
    duplicate of antonioparmatown.com entry
    extra zone files for the following domains:
    in /var/www/, this domain/entry is still there but the website was deleted. there is no web106 dir. just the symlink hasn't been deleted by ISPCONFIG it seems:
    www.antoniosparmatown.com -> /var/www/web106

    this /var/www/ directory exists for a domain, with no symlink, and there is nothing but a /log/ dir within.

    no /var/www/ directory for the following domains:
    (this domain is a codomain website)

    no isp_isp_web entries exist for the following web directories in /var/www/:
    (these domains should have been deleted)
    www.antoniosparmatown.com -> /var/www/web106

    Also, I ran the writeconf.php again, and got new errors for EVERY user setup by ISPCONFIG:
    hown: `web100_rrogers:web': invalid group
    chown: `web100_rrogers:web': invalid group
    UPDATE USER: 169
    chown: `web105_antonios:web': invalid group
    chown: `web105_antonios:web': invalid group
    UPDATE USER: 170
    chown: `web122_sky:web': invalid group
    chown: `web122_sky:web': invalid group
    UPDATE USER: 219
    chown: `web3_nomail:web': invalid group
    UPDATE USER: 187
    chown: `web6_siteinquiries:web': invalid group
    UPDATE USER: 185
    chown: `web6_gawd:web': invalid group
    chown: `web6_gawd:web': invalid group
    UPDATE USER: 186
    chown: `web51_poultrysch:web': invalid group
    UPDATE USER: 218
    chown: `web125_brett:web': invalid group
    UPDATE USER: 223
    chown: `web125_staftp:web': invalid group
    UPDATE USER: 225
    chown: `web128_fran:web': invalid group
    chown: `web128_fran:web': invalid group
    UPDATE USER: 227
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  4. falko

    falko Super Moderator

    I don't understand why it uses the group web instead of web100, web105, web122, etc. :confused:
  5. crypted

    crypted New Member

    I don't know either. This is the first time I have seen that in the years of using ISPCONFIG. All website directories are web# for the grouping. So, just being web is entirely off-basis for how it has been operating.
  6. crypted

    crypted New Member

    /etc/init.d/named start
    zone fraternitassinelimitibus.info/IN: loading master file pri.fraternitassinelimitibus.info: file not found
    _default/fraternitassinelimitibus.info/IN: file not found
    zone intrac.net/IN: loaded serial 2010032301
    zone antoniosparmatown.com/IN: loaded serial 2008111305
    zone antoniosparma.com/IN: loaded serial 2008111303
    zone forkup.info/IN: loaded serial 2008121104
    zone a-plusfence.com/IN: loaded serial 2010010904
    zone pwcsportsman.com/IN: loaded serial 2010030801
    zone franceskosak.com/IN: loaded serial 2010031001
    As you see, I added a new domain. The HTTPD part was created. But, the NAMED files are not being created by ISPCONFIG. In the ISPCONFIG DNS Configuration Panel, the domain DNS exists. But, the ISPCONFIG writeconf isn't writing the DNS files. It did add the entry to the named.conf as you see. But, there was never a pri. file finished.
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  7. createch

    createch ISPConfig Developer

    A) Go to ISPConfig panel > server > setting > DNS. Make sure that the following settings:



    B) Open a SSH terminal, login as root, and execute the following:

    chmod 755 /var/named/
    chmod 775 /var/named/chroot/
    chmod 775 /var/named/chroot/var/
    chmod 775 /var/named/chroot/var/named/
    chmod 775 /var/named/chroot/var/run/
    chmod 777 /var/named/chroot/var/run/named/
    cd /var/named/chroot/var/named/
    ln -s ../../ chroot
    cp /usr/share/doc/bind-9.3.6/sample/var/named/named.local /var/named/chroot/var/named/named.local
    cp /usr/share/doc/bind-9.3.6/sample/var/named/named.root /var/named/chroot/var/named/named.root
    touch /var/named/chroot/etc/named.conf
    chkconfig --levels 235 named on
    /etc/init.d/named start

    C) Now try to create a test domain (e.g www.test123.com) using the ISPConfig panel. See whether your system can create the pri record.
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  8. crypted

    crypted New Member

    So, doing that, the testsite.com created DNS entries and all that. But, upon deleting the website from ISPCONFIG, its DNS entry still exists...meaning in ISPCONFIG DNS Manager and in the zonefiles, testsite.com never got removed.
  9. createch

    createch ISPConfig Developer


    Please check whether the /home/admispconfig (and all directories underneath) are having the following owner permissions:

    owner: admispconfig
    group: admispconfig

    if not, execute the correct chown and chgrp commands

    cd /home
    chown -R admispconfig admispconfig
    chgrp -R admispconfig admispconfig


    and retry to delete the testsite.com using the ISPConfig panel.
  10. crypted

    crypted New Member

    Yeah, it's all owned by the same user/group of admispconfig:admispconfig
  11. crypted

    crypted New Member

    Just to note...I gave up on ISPCONFIG 2 and changed over to a new system with ISPCONFIG 3.

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