Vhost_ispconfig.conf and the default port(s) 80

Discussion in 'Installation/Configuration' started by edge, Sep 6, 2006.

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    I'm sure it has been discussed here before, but I can not find it :/

    Anyway. I've just installed a Virtual OS (Debian with ISPconfig) on one of my old Windows 2003 server (for some testing!)

    The Windows 2003 server is allready using port 80 for websites, and as I do not have more WAN IP's to give one to the virtual system I need to get Apache2 to run on an other port that 80.

    I have changed the ports.conf from apache and now it's listening on port 123.
    When I change the default ports in Vhost_ispconfig.conf (what is set by ISPconfig) and restart apache2, I can access the sites through port 123.

    Problem now is when I reboot the system, or make a change in ISPconfig the Vhost_ispconfig.conf gets rewritten to it's original (port 80) as it should.

    What do I need to "hack" in ISPconfig to make it write the port that I want it to use (port 123)?
  2. edge

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    Found it :)


    Line 1226
    $web_port ":80";

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