VHCS in Debian Sarge

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  1. Navux

    Navux New Member

    1. I want to install VHCS in Debian Sarge, so I read the How-To in this site and then start, step to step, like How-to but after I run ./vhcs2-setup and fter completing questins I ger this error:
    ERROR: Unable to connect SQL server !
    but I create vhcs2 and other steps, I can access my mysql with:
    mysql -u vhcs2 -p vhcs2 and after show databases; I get vhcs2 in list and I can tell mysql use vhcs2 without any problem and error.

    2.after that I try in my laptop and Ubuntu, but after ./vhcs-setup and completing I get:

    If specified by -literal_key, then the key length must be equal to the
     chosen cipher's key length of 56 bytes at 
    /var/www/vhcs2/engine/setup/../vhcs2_common_code.pl line 1408

    Is there any suggestion?
  2. adam

    adam New Member

    check the sql server is running and make sure you supplied the correct password to vhcs.

    part 2 i've no idea about.
  3. Navux

    Navux New Member

    ofcourse it's running, I say I can connect to my sql server from Shell !
  4. adam

    adam New Member

    is the password you gave to vhcs correct? are you using mysql 4.0 or 4,1? did you allow vhcs to change the password? if so it may be that you need to use old_password function to create the password for vhcs to access,
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