Very new... DNS and IP questions..

Discussion in 'Installation/Configuration' started by kslagerman, Nov 8, 2006.

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    I have read through the admin guide and mostly understand dns, but some of the sections are not quite specific enough for me to fully understand..

    I have a domain registered with godaddy and it is currently up and running with a hosting company, however, I want to move the site to my own server.

    I have ispconfig up and running fine. (i think)

    All services (except pop3?) are reported as "online"

    My main questions:
    Under Management > Server > Settings > Server (tab)

    For the IP Address, I am supposed to put my internal lan address (i.e. and not my external wan right?

    Do I need to put anything in the "IP List" area"

    Under Management > Server > Settings > DNS (tab)

    What exactly am I supposed to put in DNS1 and DNS2?

    When I create a New Site in ISP Manager, in the IP address field, do I put the internal IP or external IP?

    And Lastly,
    Once I have done these things, will that be enough for me to go to my godaddy admin panel, change the name servers to my new name servers? i.e. ? Or is there more to it?

    Thanks, sorry that was annoyingly long.
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    i guess a question of this caliber is undeserving of an answer... :cool:
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    There is a special tutorial for ISPConfog + Godaddy:



    Your primary and secondary DNS server. These values where used as default when you create new DNS records.

    The internal IP. Only for DNS records in the DNS manager you will have to use the external IP.
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    thanks so much!

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