Very important how to transform the dyndns and I have more than one server on sait

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    transform the dyndns and I have more than one server on sait ??server behind a router

    server behind a router
    Is the composition of settings correct ispconfig site
    3-server-IP List
    4 - im add ip a new example of for the server I am a true Is
    Then go ISP Manager
    New client
    Write information about him and then go to the logendata
    And go to Hostingplan selected characteristics and the like
    Can I put the question the first option in the Apache Directives
    (Optional) is
    Then go to the New site, including selected Hostingplan

    Now I come to the important I have a server name in the box, but there www Hostname Is this value to change the server name or leave as is because it does not affect
    2 - Select any name I want the Domain
    Is important to chose the IP Address Is ip server ip or chose new

    Will chose the Create DNS only or chose rising Create DNS MX

    What are the co-domain settings
    Do you leave it be
    Or no change

    Is there a change in the DNS Manager
    I Hewlett full month and the problem I have is that I
    I want to dyndns site and I installed on the Alroter Ihollene to the site and I know that the server where the site more than my question How do I request a site I need an example /
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    But no one wants to help me

    But no one wants to help me:confused:
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    What exactly is your question?

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