version 3.1.12 encrypted SSL key issues

Discussion in 'Installation/Configuration' started by Chris_UK, May 27, 2018.

  1. Chris_UK

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    Hi, I just updated to 3.1.12 from 3.1.(cant remember)
    Anyways i rant on my main server (multi setup for dns mail etc). I missed the notice to do the slaves first but I dont think thats caused the issue I am having.

    Upon update i chose to reconfig services as well as renew the certs, the problem I have hit however is that it only offered a passworded key, I left it blank thinking it would just be skipped but it wasnt. I now cannot get SSL to work on my control panel.

    Next step was to run a manual update: wget etc etc and try to make a cert again without the password but every time i get asked for a password and am never asked if it should be an encrypted certificate.

    System Ubuntu 16:04 - ispc 3.1.12 - multiserver

    Anybody come across this and have a page to head to for guidance or know how to fix this, my primary website is basically offline because i only use secure protocol for my visitors.
  2. ahrasis

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    It should be easy to manually locate and find ispconfig.vhost and edit its ssl lines to restore to whatever ssl certs that you were using before, if you still had them, or create new ssl certs and change the lines to reflect them.
  3. Chris_UK

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    of course, I recall using your example now that i see your picture, I will head back to that post and run through it.

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