VboxAdm + Postfix + Dovecot + Virtual Users (MySQL).

Discussion in 'Suggest HOWTO' started by asilva, Mar 10, 2011.

  1. asilva

    asilva New Member

    Hi guys,

    you think we might get a chance to see an howto dealing with VboxAdm and Dovecot? Everything out there is mostly for Courier. VboxAdm looks good although it is still in alpha stages, it seems to be working very well. New release today 0.40. VboxAdm also works with Roundcube and there is a lack of howtos for roundcube, this would be a good oportunity. :)


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  2. falko

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    I've added this to my ToDo list. :)
  3. asilva

    asilva New Member

    Thank you
    i hopeeeeeeeee that you will be using debian squeeze...
    the really great thing about this is that it is fully compatible with roundcube webmail client ;) and so, with tuxedo!
    You can check it out at:

    im eagerly waiting your howto and thoughts on this package :)



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