VBox-Headless Ubuntu 8.04.2 LTS and Windows on top

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    Hey Guys....

    i found a cool howto here describing howto install virtualbox with vboxheadless on top of ubuntu server.
    my question goes one more step: i heard that the following should work....ubuntu server+vbox+X+a Virtual Machine running Windows XP.

    i want to boot directly into a Windows-VM w. Vbox so the physical pc boots up ubuntu server+vbox and then it starts the vm and the user can work NORMALLY within(!) the Windows-VM thinking he works directly with a pc with installed windows.

    you understand what i mean?

    PC->Ubuntu 8.04.2 LTS Server->VirtualBox (w. USB-Supp.)->booting into Windows-XP-Virtual-Machine->User works within the VM like with a normal PC

    so can anybody (maybe falko) complete his howto with steps to boot into a vm and work within the vm like with a normal pc? were great if anybody can help my in any way!


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