Varnish log files and Awstats

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    I have installed and configured properly nginx+ispconfig. Recently I had to use varnish as a frontend due to high traffic at my server. Everything is working like a charm except for the logging of each virtual host that I have. The main logging of varnish can be done with varnishncsa or varnishlog.

    Varnsishncsa seems to be perfect for the needs of awstats or webalizer. The problem is how to configure ispconfig in order to work in a nice way with vlogger and the splitted varninsncsa logs.

    I have found that if I use the command

    varnishncsa -m "RxHeader:^Host:$" -a -w /var/log/ispconfig/http/ -D
    for each virtual domain the log would get in the right place.

    Is there a proposed patch or configuration for this to work automatically for each newly created virtual host?

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