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  1. chishanut

    chishanut New Member

    hi i have tried to delete a user account using this command userdel dubed but when i try to add the user again it gives me this warning msg: "the home directory already exist not copying any file from skel directory into it" How do fix this problem
  2. geobaby

    geobaby New Member

    tats bcos the user home directory still existing in the server. remove the home dir and try again....
  3. dr_timoon

    dr_timoon New Member

    u have to use this option in order to delete the home direcotry for the use
    becose by defult userdel con't delete the home directory it just remove the user from
    and the group name from
    and the user will no longer able to login

    to remove the home direcoty you have to use this option

    userdel - r
    r stand for remove

    it's will be del the user with the home direcotry

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