Using SSH Keys between two servers

Discussion in 'Server Operation' started by atjensen11, May 28, 2008.

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    I have two Ubuntu servers, both of which have SSH access available.

    One server is a publicly accessible server. I have it segragated fairly well on the network from LAN machines. This public server only allows SSH connections using a public/private key pair.

    Normally, I connect to the machine with a Windows computer using Putty. Putty is configured on this computer to login with the private key.

    However, I now added the second server to the network. I would like to be able to SSH from that server into the first public server. I want to be able to use SSHFS to mount drives and so forth, mainly for transferring files and performing backups.

    How do I configure the second server with the appropriate private key (the one I currently use with Putty) so that the first server accepts the login credentials?

    (As a side note, I would be open to comments on my backup solution. I already have an external HD mounted on the public server. I was thinking of using SSFS to mount the folder where the external HD is mounted on the first machine to the second machine. I would then write my backups from the second server to the external HD through SSHFS.)

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    Thanks for the suggestion on the rsync option Falko. I checked it out last night and it too appears to be a viable backup option.

    However, I did solve my problem last night. As I suspected, it had to do with SSH key autorization and nothing really to do with SSHFS.

    Since the first machine is configured only to accept key based authentication, I had to create a public/private key pair on the second machine. The second machine is the SSH client in this particular setup.

    I created a key pair on the second machine and then copied the contents of the newly created public key, placing the key after the other keys already in the authorized_keys file on the first machine.

    Now that I can SSH into the first machine, I can use SSHFS from the second machine to mount a folder from the first machine remotely to the local file system. The cool thing, I think anyhow, is that the folder I am mounting is actually mounted to the first machine. Although I haven't done it yet, SSHFS can be configured is fstab to perform the mount automatically as well. So there are a lot of potential options.

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