Using Server IP Address/Hostnames with PowerDNS (With MySQL Backend) & Poweradmin

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    I've installed PowerDNS and Poweradmin on two CentOS 5.3 x86-64 VPS and a CentOS 5.3 i386 dedicated server. I'm using Webmin as a control panel but don't want to use Bind as my DNS server since I prefer PowerDNS for a variety of reasons.

    However, PowerDNS is installed on remote VPS's and a server (for which I've obtained static IP addresses (read: more than 2) for each. I'd like to have PowerDNS and PowerAdmin point to my server IP (or one of them) not my desktop or local IP address. I'm certain MySQL--or at least the database associated with PowerDNS (since there are other databases associated, for example, with my webmail)--needs to point to the same IP address.

    What software-specific configuration files do I need to change in order to make PowerDNS, Poweradmin and MySQL point to an IP address on the VPS'/server and precisely what changes do I need to make? Do I need to change settings on the VPS/server itself, too? Since I've configured all nearly identically, I don't need different sets of instructions for each.

    Please keep in mind that, since I've had my VPS' and server less than one month, my DNS is not yet set up for my new VPS' and server IPs. If I can avoid it, I really don't want to set up BIND or some other temporary DNS server in order to do this because I'll only have to switch all of the settings to PowerDNS.

    If I can't avoid this, please tell me how to do it without doing so in my control panel but as a separate instance installed elsewhere. Thank you.


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