Using primary & Secondary Mail Servers.

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    Hi All, I am looking to setup my email server as per this how to:

    I want to install both primary & secondary server. Should I follow the exact how-to for the secondary server or are there some changes I need to do.

    Second, for having a secondary server, does email from the primary also gets sent to secondary server or secondary server only start to receive mail in the event the primary goes down. I am trying to understand how they work together. If secondary mta does not receive mail that the primary has what's normally done to get secondary to sync with emails on the primary.

    It would be great to add to the how-to for running both servers and keeping email sync'd between them.

    Appreciate your comments/suggestions to above.

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  3. joelee

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    Thanks, I was able to come up with that DOC - I will try it out!!!

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