Using mail client (thunderbird , oulook) with fedora 9 perfect setup

Discussion in 'Server Operation' started by comptcarlik, Sep 23, 2009.

  1. comptcarlik

    comptcarlik New Member

    i have a server running quite well. i used the perfect setup from howtoforge to get it up .
    but now i am wondering if configuring a mail client like outlook or thunderbird or a mobile mail client can fetch mails from the server with it . if yes what should be the pop server address and the smtp server address ..?
  2. falko

    falko Super Moderator ISPConfig Developer

    Yes, of course. :)

    You can use any FQDN or IP address that points to the server.
  3. comptcarlik

    comptcarlik New Member

    thanks falko .. i tried out my servers ip address . but before that i did a port scan to check the opened port . seems that port 25 is open but not port 110 . so smtp work perfectly well .. but pop doesn't how do i open the port on a fedora 9 server . and how can i check if pop3 is active for all the virtual domains ..?
    i recieve mails on most of them so can i conclud that pop3 is active . ? if yes how can the port 110 be closed .?
  4. comptcarlik

    comptcarlik New Member

    falko you are the best
    it's the second time you put me on the right tract
    . i tried using the ip address as pop3 and smtp server it work at first with just the smtp . pop3 wasn't responding seems that the port was closed . i check with nmap but the server was working well . . port forwarding and virtual servers were perfectly set on the router . so i was wondering what was wrong . it seems that with the pop3 port 110 . the server doesn't connect but it connect on the secure port 995 . so everything is perfectly well .
    thank you very much for you advices

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