Using Icecast2, Ices2, and Herrie

Discussion in 'Technical' started by D3leet, Apr 20, 2011.

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    Ok so We use herrie to stream music over our overhead speakers in our office. It can connect to websites using .m3u files with the link posted inside of them, so using we simply create a .m3u file with inside of it, and it will connect to the stream and play the audio.

    Now, I have created a Icecast2 server locally, using VM Oraclebox virtual machine, the VM machine is bridged to my ethernet card. So, now I setup an Ices2 stream to be sent to my Icecast2 server, which works, I can listen to the stream using aTunes. My mount point is listed as /dick.ogg (inside joke) yet when I go to ***.***.**.**:8000/dick.ogg, nothing comes up, but when I go to ***.***.**.**:8000/dick.ogg.m3u, it will ask me if I want to download and play an .m3u file, and asked me to open the file using a media player (in this case atunes) Why when I attempt to go into my audio machine for my office, and I make an .m3u file with the correct IP address and extension, it will not play and just constantly loops over and over?
    It's not a port issue on that machine, because that machine has port 8000 open, could it possibly be an issue with my machine?

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