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Discussion in 'Installation/Configuration' started by t_ras, Jul 20, 2009.

  1. t_ras

    t_ras New Member

    I want to filter all messages with subject "You've received a greeting ecard". How can I do ti through content filter/

    Also, BTW, is there some userguide for Ispconfig3? (I found only for 2)
  2. madmerlin

    madmerlin New Member

    If you have spamassassin installed, and the user's policy set to "normal" in his mailbox settings, it should be catching the gretting card spams... looking at my mail they usually score 20+ and the default spamassassin threshold is to qualify anything over 6.9 as definite spam.

    If you want to set a filter, click on the users mailbox and then on the Mail Filter tab, and you can add a new filter there, and have things sorted or sent right to Trash. But you're probably best looking at the spam / policy settings, and making sure your user's policy is set to "normal"... otherwise they're probably not having spam filtered at all.

    I've looked for a manual as well, but apparently just one for v2 is available, and the version difference is quite noticable.
  3. t_ras

    t_ras New Member

    Thanks, and it seemt it started filtering it indeed.

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