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Discussion in 'General' started by critter, Jun 19, 2008.

  1. critter

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    i have been using usernames like [email protected] on my old server. Now with ISPconfig i am unable to register mailbox with login including '@'.

    I need this when i want to save my old usernames, migrate emails and then only switch to the new server...

    Any ideas? Thanks...
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  2. critter

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    Nobody has/had the same problem?

  3. Snowman

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    cant be done in ispconfig2 because ispconfig 2 saveing usernames to /etc/passwd file. Because of some misterious linux bug, file /etc/passwd is not able to hold @ in usernames.

    in forum Tips/Tricks/Mods are some solutions how to avoid this but its custom and you should have to rewrite some code and make some scripts working.

    I suggest you to wait for ispconfig 3 (hope will be released soon), its completly new, and support @ in mail user name (MySQL based).
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  4. critter

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    Thank you!

    So i also hope to ispconfig3 be released ASAP...

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  7. Snowman

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    using dovecot:)
  8. critter

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    dovecot rulez :))


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