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Discussion in 'General' started by RobinWilliams23, Jul 26, 2018.

  1. RobinWilliams23

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    i'm running latest version of IspConfig 3. I have configured a client and a website and multiple email accounts for them.
    Each of the users needs to have their public_html folder available.
    main site is name-of-link
    User1 site should be reflected : name-of-link/~user1 ( similar to user_dir implementation on normal apache configuration)

    I tried to implement the ispconfig 3 user_dir howto but i'm not able to find the content for the vhost.php and i do not know if it will work.

    Can you please provide an alternative suggestion ?

    Thank you.
  2. ISPConfig Developer ISPConfig Developer

    Why not use mod user_dir?
    Create folders matching the part after ~
    Add to name-of-link domains apache options:
    UserDir {DOCROOT}/web/*/public_html
    or similar.

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