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Discussion in 'Installation/Configuration' started by sergio.morales, Jul 17, 2008.

  1. sergio.morales

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    Hello All. I have installed ISPconfig oon Fedora9 and after a bit of a struggle, got it working. Most of it was my own idiocy, but I digress . . . Anyway, now that I have the users made, their email is "webXX_username" . . . is there any way I could maybe make aliases that would allow me to use "username" only, no webXX prefix?

    Thanks in advance!

  2. torusturtle

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    I don't think that that is possible. The Problem is that every user can only exist once per system. If someone would create webmaster it wouldn't be possible for anybody else to have the same username.

    In ISPConfig 3 it is possible to create virtual users which give you much more flexibilty. Join the BETA testing to get it out sooner.
  3. sergio.morales

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    I thought there was a way to add aliases, like by changing the entries inthe virtusers file?
  4. falko

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    You can define aliases on the "Advanced Settings" tab for each user.
  5. sergio.morales

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    Hey Falko. Thanks for noticing that! I totally missed it! Now, when I make the aliases, do I use the whole username and domain, or just username?

    Thanks by the way!

  6. sergio.morales

    sergio.morales New Member

    Wonders what reading will do . . .

    Duh . . . I rad the little help tab and it was pretty self explanatory. Thanks and by the way, it works beautifully!!!

    Thanks all for the help and a big thanks to you Falko and Till! You guys rock!!


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