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Discussion in 'Installation/Configuration' started by digerati, Apr 10, 2008.

  1. digerati

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    Why cant I have a username support for each of my domains?

    I have one for domain1.tld and I want one for domain2.tld but it wont let me.


    The user with the name support does already exist.
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    Yeah it [email protected]
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  2. HardyHarvey

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    i've been trying to find out how to have [email protected] and [email protected] but i can't even find a post on the forums that explains it.. i thought i saw one once but it's not the solution we're looking for.

    I found this in the RTFM:

    OK so that means i have [email protected] as well as [email protected]?
    OK so that means i have [email protected] as well as [email protected]?
    OK so that means i have [email protected] as well as [email protected]?

    I guess that's the reason for the prefix that I got rid of early in the configuration.. assuming i can just turn the prefix back on again?

    Does that mean that the user will have to use their prefix_username as their pop3 username? that's kinda annoying but i have seen systems like that. i guess it's pretty much transparent to anyone except those setting up their outlook express.

    Can anyone confirm this? Anyone? Anyone..? Bueller...?

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  3. till

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    Usernames have to unique for the whole server, thats why there is a username prefix and why it should not be turned of if you want to host more then one website.

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