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    Hi everyone ,
    right now im working on a school project and i need some help from you guys
    im not gonna go along explaning the details of the project to sum it up it's about re-*‐design infrastructure of a company . i just need to know howto
    User accounts
    • User accounts are centralized
    • Authentication is centralized
    • There is no need to authenticate twice during a session
    • All major platforms can use the service

    Private cloud
    The cluster runs virtual machines
    Virtual machines can be migrated from one node to another
    Virtual machines are migrated on node failure
    It’s easy/not expensive to add nodes to the cluster
    Administrators are notified on failures/ critical events
    The SAN exports volumes over iSCSI
    If a SAN node fails, the SAN is still available

    USING Linux ,for any questions im here

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