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Discussion in 'Server Operation' started by kostas, Jan 15, 2007.

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    Hello again,
    got real good information on my previous (Samba & NTFS Volumes) thread thanks a lot...

    this new question concerns the set up of apache2 on OpenSuse 10.2 and the way files are ftp'd to the htdocs directory.

    I use vsftp with chroot list to home directories which i came to realise that is not very convenient in my case as i only need to use the main host i.e. /www/htdocs.

    The way i see it there are two ways to ftp to htdocs
    1. use a user id with home directory set up to /etc/www/ so i can have access to the cgi-bin directory where i can place all my php include files as well
    2. change the apache document root to a users public_html directory and ftp to that directory instead.

    Though i like the first aproach better as far as convinience is concerned i have a bad fealing about allowing access to the www directory.

    Is it safe or not to go with option 1? and if not is there ways to make it safe?

    Again thanks a lot in advance for any views provided
  2. falko

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    I don't see any problems with both solutions.

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