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Discussion in 'Installation/Configuration' started by iqpascal, Mar 27, 2018.

  1. iqpascal

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    I am currently playing around with ISPconfig 3. I currently have the following setup:

    1 Webserver / ISPConfig panel (IPv4/IPv6/Private)
    1 Database server (IPv4/IPv6/Private)
    1 Mail / DNS Server (IPv4/IPv6/Private)
    1 Secondary DNS (IPv4/IPv6) (not a mirror but with secondary zone setup for the domain at the 1st DNS server)

    I would like the first 3 servers to do database traffic over the private network so I configured the private IP in the installation setup. After some troubles with it not being able to access the main database due to the "hostname" setup that worked. So I started creating a website and database user/database.
    However the database user has access with the main IPv4 of the webserver (I guess it should be both the IPv4 as well as the IPv6 address?) but is there a way to move this traffic to the private network and thus to grant the website access from the private IP address on the database server?

    It's currently still a form of a test setup so if there is stuff to be changed or there are better practices I can still reinstall the entire platform without any problems.
  2. till

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    This depends on the website or application that uses the database and not on ISPConfig. If you use the private IP in the database settings of the website or application, then the traffic will go through the private network. And which IP addresses are allowed to access a database can be configured in the database settings of that database in ISPconfig, there is a field for that.
  3. iqpascal

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    Of course that I understand :) But ISPConfig created the database user with only the public IPv4 address of the webserver. So perhaps my question as not clear enough :oops: Can I persuade ISPConfig somehow to either use only the private network for creating the database user or allow it to all the IP addresses defined on the webserver (thus both public IPv4/IPv6 and the private IPv4)

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