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Discussion in 'Programming/Scripts' started by kamismart, Nov 18, 2007.

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  1. kamismart

    kamismart New Member

    Hi All...I am new here..Actually I got a project and have to submit it soon, so need your help URGENTLY...You must all be familiar with the OCR...Optical Character Recognition...It's the software used in scanners that recognizes words character by character...My project is to convert the Optical Character Recognizer to an Optical WORD Recognizer....It should recognize word by word, instead of character by character...
    Hope it's clear...Now If someone could please tell me where I can find the source code for the OCR in C/C++....That's the first step...That I locate the area where I need to change...Then the next step is if you have any idea how the change can be brought about....Please it's very urgent....I don't wana flunk my project.....Please helppppppppppppp....fasttt....Thanxx:(
  2. Karel

    Karel New Member

  3. kamismart

    kamismart New Member


    thanx karel..i checked out the link but most of the codes are either not available or are not downloadable..i need a code in C/C++..will go through it more thoroughly...but didnt get anything yet...i remember checking out sourceforge earlier too...if u have any other suggestion i'll highly appreciate...thanx alot..
  4. Karel

    Karel New Member

    I don't recommend changing the source code of OCR program. It will take you days to just understand it.

    I believe it will be much easier to use something like Tesseract OCR or Ocrad and make a wrapper above it, e.g. get raw characters from the program and then try to find them in a dictionary / spell checker and correct the words based on some probability.

    I'm not sure whether it would be effective to create a program, which would recognize whole words instead of characters (which sounds like what you to create). You would need to have a database full of patterns, not just for single characters but for whole words.
  5. kamismart

    kamismart New Member

    need code first

    any other tips on where i can get the source code in C/C++???
  6. edge

    edge Active Member Moderator


    It looks like you have been "spamming" a lot forums with this question.
    As suggested on the other forums, we will not do you homework!

    Sorry. I'm (like the other forums) closing this thread.

    One more thing.. Lets hope for you that your teacher will never read you requests!
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