URGENT! Apache\PHP problem

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    URGENT PLEASE! Apache\PHP problem

    This morning everything was working fine. No issues with the server whatsoever. As of about an hour ago my server will no longer display PHP on the regular web port. The odd thing is, the ISPConfig interface still works fine. Well, I guess it would be odd, but when I performed an update to the latest version of ISPConfig I noticed it building its own little "runtime" version of apache. So maybe that is why it continues to work normally. Here is the netstat -tap and apache log from the last few hours.

    View attachment netstat.txt

    View attachment error_log.txt
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    I think I may have figured out what is going on.

    It is related to:

    I have modified the config.lib.php to say AddHandler and verified that my Vhosts files contain the same. However, it problem does not seem to be resolved.

    Here is the time line as I see it.

    1 month ago I updated to the latest version of ISPConfig
    Today I made the first change by adding a new user to one of the domains. This rewrote the Vhosts file and used the statement AddType instead of AddHandler.
    I have since modified the config.lib.php to reflect AddHandler for php and verified this modification carried over to the Vhosts_ispconfig.conf file.

    Problem was corrected by this. So I guess I should ask...Were you unable to modify the installer to compensate for this? Will all SUSE users have to make sure to modify these files each time they update?

    If you feel this more appropriate to the ISPConfig forums please move it.
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