Uploading with PHP and suPHP

Discussion in 'Installation/Configuration' started by homa2001, Jul 10, 2007.

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    I've setup ISPconfig on apache2+php5-cgi+suPHP. One of the users had Joomla installed and when that use upload pictures they get created with 600 permissions. In this case apache can't read them back. I though that would be in /etc/suphp.conf but my umask is set to 0022.

    Where else can it be?


  2. till

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    The umask of the uploaded images is most likely set by Joomla, so you will have to configure Joomla to set the permissions correctly.
  3. homa2001

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    I've seen it before with other CMS, not just joomla. I know a friend of mine fixed it, but he does not remember how. He thinks it was in /etc/suphp.conf.

    I check joomla files anyway, I couldn't find anything like this.

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    Uploading with PHP and suPHP joomla

    there are two config variable in joomla configuration.php: fileperms and dirperms, if you set one of them, joomla do a chmod after upload (see com_media.php)
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