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Discussion in 'Server Operation' started by MyKE, May 6, 2013.

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    Hi Guys,

    I have configured ISPConfig 3 to lastest version last month or two and I have a lot of updates in monitor tab and in the future there will be more and more updates. So if I run apt-get update and after that upgrade and there is for example upgrade for postfix, clamAV, mysql, ... can it break my server with ISPConfig? If so, can I run re-sync of updated components via ISPConfig and it take correct actual configuration for my server?

    Understand me that only what I want is to upgrade everything and keep it working.

    Guys how you handle upgrades and keep stable system with components of ISPConfig?

    Thank you for clarification.

  2. darinpeterson

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    To keep you system updated run:

    apt-get upgrade
    If you have any problems with ISPConfig 3, or want to update ISPConfig 3, simply download the latest tar.gz file from ispconfig.com, extract it, enter the install folder and run:

    php update.php
    During the update you can reconfigure all services, the SSL if you choose, etc...

    Keep in mind that it is possible that something might get broken in upgrading your base system, and this is why it's important to run a dev server, so you can resolve these issues before making updates to your production servers.

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