Upgrading PHP/MySQL Guide?

Discussion in 'HOWTO-Related Questions' started by iverson0881, Jan 11, 2008.

  1. iverson0881

    iverson0881 New Member

    With PHP4 ending its lifecycle I wanted to know how simple it was to upgrade and what kind of procedure would be required. I'm currently on Ubuntu 6.06 LTS. What about MySQL4 to 5? What needs to be done to ensure a smooth upgrade? Thanks in advance.
  2. volksman

    volksman New Member

    I'm pretty sure that 6.06 has php5 and mysql5 packages. So installing the software should be very simple (IE apt-get install php5 mysql5, check apt-get search php or apt-get search mysql to find out the appropriate package names).

    The bigger issue will be the PHP software you currently run. Is it ready for PHP5? Will you need to make changes to the code?

    The good thing is that you can usually run php4 and php5 side by side. So you can setup a copy of your existing site and test it before you re-release it under PHP5.

    The same can't be said about mysql (well not easily anyways). But a simple dump and re-import will make that move easy.

    Hope that helps!
  3. iverson0881

    iverson0881 New Member

    All of my sites are PHP5 and MySQL5 compatible. So I should first simple do apt-get remove php4 and all other plugins and should I do that purge clean too or is that too much? After I do that, just simply apt-get install php5 and related plugins I need? Also whats a proper way to dump the MySQL Database? I have phpmyAdmin installed, should I be aware of any special options to tick or should the defaults do?

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  4. falko

    falko Super Moderator ISPConfig Developer

    You don't need to uninstall PHP4 and MySQL4. Just search for the PHP5 and MySQL5 packages you need and installl them with apt-get.

    Take a look here: http://www.howtoforge.com/faq/6_3_en.html
  5. iverson0881

    iverson0881 New Member

    Sorry for all the questions, just wanna make sure about everything. Do I need to do anything to ISPConfig in order for it to take advantage and take notice and actually use php5 and mysql5 instead of the existing php4 and mysql4? Btw, i'm using Ubuntu 6.06 LTS
  6. iverson0881

    iverson0881 New Member

    I upgraded my server to both php5 and mysql5 and it looks like mysql5 also imported all the mysql4 databases and tables and so I didn't have to do anything on my end. Thanks for all the help!

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