Upgrading Lenny -> Squeeze having ispconfig in mind

Discussion in 'General' started by yanosz, Jun 26, 2011.

  1. yanosz

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    I'm running ispconfig on Debian Lenny (5.0). I'm up to upgrade to Debian Squeeze (6.0) - so, far, nothing special.
    Are there any upgrade advises related to ispconfig? I mean, upgrading debian should not be an issue at all, however, ispconfig changes a lot of configuration files...

  2. till

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    I did the upgrade on my ispconfig 3 systems like this:

    1) Debny all config file chnages except of the mysql my.cnf file.

    2) If mysql does not work after the update (I had this on my systems), just reinstall it with apt like this:

    apt-get install --reinstall mysql-server mysql-client

    This reinstall will just force an update on the binaries and does not remove existing databases.
  3. Norman

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    You "might" need some extra zlib library and a change in postfix if you get errors later.
    But I think that is handled by apt these days. Early squeeze adopters had some issues with that.

    Also insserv stuff will whine in console. Some stuff you can purge that is unecessary, other insserv errors can be ignored.

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