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Discussion in 'Installation/Configuration' started by Bebop17, Jun 20, 2009.

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    I just upgraded ISPConfig from 2.x to 2.2.32. At the same time, I changed the hostname (and NS domains). It took several tries but it is working almost fine now. It was originally set up using the Perfect Server How-To. OS is Centos 5.3, on a server with 2 IPS serving as NS1 and NS2.

    It is working fine except that no resellers, clients or sites are showing up in ISPConfig. The sites are still there in /var/www, I can access them (via IP) by FTP, I can get into their databases via phpMyAdmin - I just can't see them in ISPConfig. And of course their DNS records all need to be updated with the new domain for server and NS.

    Yes, I deleted /root/ispconfig to redo the upgrade. No, there is no backup in /tmp.

    My question is what is the best way to get everything sorted out to keep ISPConfig happy? To get the clients, sites etc. showing in ISPConfig, the DNS records fixed, not sure what else - virtualhost stuff maybe. Should I do it all manually or leave some of it to be done from within ISPConfig afterward?

    And I'm curious - I actually have very few sites, and none that I couldn't easily recreate - what would be involved in changing over to ISPConfig 3 from this setup? I understand there is no upgrade path. I think I would need to uninstall ISPConfig 2, and replace (my lovely chrooted) BIND with MyDNS. What else would I have to do?
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    This is the reason why you lost your ispconfig setup. By removing /root/ispconfig you wiped out your old installation and the ispconfig installer started in install mode instead of update mode which deleted the ispconfig database. If you dont have a backup of the ispconfig database your setup can not be restored except of adding everything manually again.

    Make a backup of your sites and databases, format the server and install ispconfig 3 as described in the perfect setup guide for ispconfig 3. ISPConfig 3 can not be installed on a server that has run ispconfig 2 before.
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    I knew I backed things up. Looking at the databases via phpMyAdmin, I see the new empty database, db_ispconfig - and I also see the *old* database, ispconfig_db.

    So now is it just a matter of telling ISPConfig to use the old one? and if so where do I make the change?
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    Found it - edited config.inc.php in /home/admispconfig/ispconfig/lib.
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    But BIND choked. Arrgh.

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