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    First Thanks to the HowtoForge staff... this site has made my life wonderful :D

    Moving on,

    Some time back I took my fresh install of Fedora Core 6 and installed ISPConfig based on a tutorial by Falko here.

    Since that time I've created around 20 domains and have quite a bit of customization to Postfix, etc.


    I am thinking I really need to upgrade the server, as FC6 is no longer fully supported.

    Can someone tell me where to begin?

    I'm scared to death to lose anything...
  2. falko

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    First, do a backup of your system (e.g. file-based or image-based, e.g. with SytemImager or Ghost4Linux).
    Next, you should try to upgrade step by step, i.e., first try to upgrade to FC7, then if that has succeeded, to Fedora 8, and then to Fedora 9.

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