Upgrade to Cent5.3?

Discussion in 'Installation/Configuration' started by boxxa, Apr 2, 2009.

  1. boxxa

    boxxa New Member

    Is it safe to upgrade my distro via yum when ISPConfig is installed or do I run the risk of breaking the install?

    I am at centos 5.2 but I can upgrade to 5.3 with yum. I am running the latest version of ISPConfig2.

    Thank you
  2. falko

    falko Super Moderator ISPConfig Developer

    It *should* work without problems (however you can never know, so if you want to go sure, back up your system before).
  3. tal56

    tal56 Member

    Has anyone done the update to Centos 5.3 yet? I'm thinking of updating too but am also worried if there are any problems with ISPConfig.
  4. crypted

    crypted New Member

    Upgrading via yum works fine. However, don't just do yum upgrade.
    Do the following:
    "yum clean all && yum update glibc\* && yum update"

    It took my system about 40 minutes to upgrade everything I have installed. Worth noting after the system upgrade I updated ISPCONFIG to the 2.2.31 update. I didn't want to update ISPCONFIG until after the system was upgraded in case of settings changes from CENTOS changes that the ISPCONFIG installer could fix...

    Good luck!

    PS: Can't wait to upgrade to ISPCONFIG 3.x.x whenever a method is developed.
  5. tal56

    tal56 Member

    Thanks for the info. Just a FYI for anyone else, I've updated from 5.2 to 5.3 and during the update it complained about some user shell problem, but it seems to have updated fine. Never looked into the exact problem.

    After that I've updated to ISPconfig 2.2.31 and for some reason it locked up half way during the install. I had to force hard reboot it, but after that I noticed the /root/ispconfig directory was still there so I ran the upgrade again and this time it finished.

    After finishing All the services worked fine but the ispconfig server would not start, after looking into the http error logs it looks like it could not read the ssl cert.

    So I recreated the cert and all is well now.

    Just wanted to list the things I ran into. Hope it goes smooth for you.

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