upgrade to 2.2.5 emptied my DB?

Discussion in 'Installation/Configuration' started by robd, Jul 31, 2006.

  1. robd

    robd New Member


    I have just upgraded from 2.2.2 to 2.2.5 following from earlier issues with my administration login.

    I have attempted to login and I am unable to do so as my db_ispconfig is empty! :eek:

    This clearly should not have happened!

    What / how should I recover my database! (I have a backup.....)

    I am not able to login to the isp_config administration server on :81
  2. robd

    robd New Member

    To restore my db_ispconfig I did this:
    I now have all the data in my database again. PHEW!
    now what.....?
  3. robd

    robd New Member

    with data reimported into my db I am now unable to get to any of the sites that were hosted on this server. I am also unable to get to the https:81 admin sites.

    One thing to point out - when I did the upgrade to 2.2.5 all was OK. I then connected to the https:81 admin insterface and received an error stating my certificate was invalid becuase it had a duplicate serial number. I recreated my certificates and then I discovered that I could get to the admin interface but not log in. This is how I discovered that I had nothing in my db_ispconfig.
  4. robd

    robd New Member

    here is my isp_config upgrade log

    I guess this was the problem
    Here is the rest of the log.
  5. robd

    robd New Member

    suggestion for next release

    Suggest that in the next release there is an exception inserted to the upgrade script. When you run the ./setup the script checks to see if it is upgrading an existing installation and makes backups of the config files and database.

    It would have been helpful if the upgrade stopped - or at least prompted - when the backup of the system db fails when upgrading. At present the following message is written to the log file
    I say would have been as I am currently crying into my beer over a very kippered server.

    Boo Hoo. :(
  6. till

    till Super Moderator Staff Member ISPConfig Developer

    The script makes backups of the database and files.

    Yes, the setup script shall stop then.

    This problem may only happen if you changed your ISPConfig database settings or your mysql configuration that ISPConfig is not able anymore to connect to the database. This caused also your login problem.

    Do you have a database dump as backup?
  7. robd

    robd New Member

    Hi Till, Thanks for your response. The upgrade script is great - it has worked on my other servers no problem. You like the idea of prompting the user in the failure of backup? :)

    Last night I have recovered my system database from my backup - I will post my steps here later to share with others.

    All things working - all good :) /rob

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