Upgrade to 2.2.15 => spamassasin broken

Discussion in 'Installation/Configuration' started by dmgeurts, Aug 14, 2007.

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    All inbound mails get turned into empty mails (no header, content nothing but the subject: ***SPAM***).

    Turning spamassassin off for each account is a quick-fix but not one I like (obviously)

    Was running 2.2.13 fine on Debian Etch.

    Any help welcome, searched the forum and can't find anything to fix it. Syslog appears clean as are the postfix logs. Not sure where spamassassin logs to...

    [edit]my hourly logcheck mails have stopped as well...
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  2. dmgeurts

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    Upgrade tp 2.2.15 => spamassassin broken

    Updated perl stuff for spamassassin and ran the ISPconfig update again. It failed due to /tmp being full. Cleaned two huge ISPconfig files out of there and reran the install. This time it did not run an update/upgrade but a complete reinstall.

    Luckily no information lost and all was fixed :)

    Thank you for a really good installer routine that doesn't kill a pre-existing install even when it doesn't do an upgrade but a full reinstall (or so it seemed to me at least).

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