Upgrade has taken ISPConfig offline, help!

Discussion in 'Installation/Configuration' started by indie1982, Sep 9, 2008.

  1. indie1982

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    Right, I've just tried to upgrade from 2.2.23 to 2.2.25. I'm running an up to date Ubuntu Hardy Herron (perfect server setup install).

    When I ran ./setup it identified my box as Debian Lenny and started the upgrade process.

    Half way through the upgrade I got the following:

    I've tried to restart ispconfig_server but I get the following:

    Norman suggested making some changes to the configure and make files.

    If I make the changes and re-run ./setup will it think I'm doing a fresh install or an upgrade?

    Can someone please help!? As for as I can tell email is working but Apache is down.
  2. indie1982

    indie1982 Member

    Right I extracted the openssl files, edited the Configure and Makefile, removed the original archive, re-archived it, made /root/ispconfig and ran ./setup.

    I get the following:

    Any ideas where to go from here? I need to get the websites back up and running.

    Can I just reinstall 2.2.23 over 2.2.23? Would that work?
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