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    The hardware node that I run on my server is CentOS. I also have several Debian containers on that node under OpenVZ. I'm late upgrading from Squeeze to Wheezy, and I ran into some issues with Dovecot.

    I first updated a name server, then a web server and had no issues. I next attempted to update my mail server, and had problems with Dovecot. I could no longer access my server and when trying to perform "apt-get upgrade" after my platform migration from Squeeze to Wheezy, the entire system became unusable.

    Dovecot was complaining about the certificates needing to be moved from /etc/ssl to /etc/dovecot.

    During the upgrade I always chose to use older versions b/c of configuration file changes in the new packages. Not sure this was the right decision, but I figured everything would have broken worse if i had upgraded all of the software including the crontab to the latest.

    I backed up my containers before starting with the upgrades, so my mail server has been restored back to the default.

    I would be greatful for any help anyone can provide. The two primary questions I have are:
    1. Should I allow the latest software and configuration files to be installed, or retain existing versions?
    2. Has anyone experienced upgrading problems with Dovecot that I mentioned, and how to fix it?
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    Hi Peterson,

    The old configuration in dovecot.conf is no longer compatible with the new version.As the dist upgrade have been done so almost parameters have changed. .To avoid a prolonged failure of the mail server, we need to convert the dovecot.conf file in to new configuration fileHere is a small howto for Debian Wheezy dovecot.conf.
    This is best done with the tool doveconf.The commanddoveconfis part or our Dovecot package and should be present during the installation of Dovecot on the system automatically.

    Conversion of dovecot.conf

    In / etc / dovecot/ we find the old configuration.*If we have left unchanged the configuration when upgrading we find our old configuration in the file dovecot.conf.

    cd /etc/dovecot
    cp dovecot.conf dovecot.conf_squeeze
    doveconf -n -c ./dovecot.conf_squeeze > dovecot.conf
    /etc/init.d/dovecot restart

    The commanddoveconfplenty of information about the parameters that were converted.There are also the errors that occurred during the conversion.It may be necessary to install a number of packages or even changing the original configuration file.
    Next you can try , the package hasdovecot-managesievedmissing and in thedovecot.conf_squeezehad the parameterssl = notbe set.SSL can be configured later manually.

    Now it should actually folded and Dovecot as usual under Debian Wheezy perform its duties.Please cross-check all the ore-requisites of dovecot configuration in Debian.*Later you need to modify your configuration later and the parameters in the files below adapted / etc / dovecot / conf.d.

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    In addition to what srijan posted: in case that you use ispconfig on any of thes e servers, then just download the ispconfig 3 tar.gz again, unpack it and run the update.php in the install folder. Choose to reconfigure services during update.

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