Upgrade Debian Lenny To Squeeze for remote server

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    I was wondering, does the "Upgrade Debian Lenny To Squeeze In A Few Simple Steps" also work for a remote server, which I can only access through ssh and webmin ?
    I'm especially uncertain about the restart with the new Grub2 and the startup options the screen will present at the non-existing KVM access..

    In addition, I have created some customization to the mounts, since this Lenny x64 server is running on an SSD.

    Any ideas what I should pay extra attention to when I do this upgrade to Squeeze remotely?

    Let's just say I simply CAN'T physically access this machine, ever, anytime soon, and I have no remote KVM. So I'm running with that in mind. I just can't allow myself to be locked out.

    Also, what is the best method to disable most services on this machine, so that they don't autostart/autorun after the upgrade? Is there a particular run-level I should set them to? (Apart from ssh of course..)
    I mean, I want all installed software to be included in the upgrade of course, but I would like to stepwise start them all up separately and carefully check logs and do autoreboots without them after set times etc., so I know they will not freeze my hardware in any way after the upgrade is done, or if they do I can access the machine again..

    Thanks for any and all hints on this subject.
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