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Discussion in 'Technical' started by igongora, May 20, 2007.

  1. igongora

    igongora New Member

    I installed a few month ago a postfix on a fedora core 5 box, I followed this manual:


    today I was checking my server and when I checked for updates
    yum check-update
    I noticed the following updates were listed:
    alsa-lib.i386                            1.0.14-0.1.rc1.fc5     updates
    courier-authlib.i386                     0.59.3-1.fc5.mf        enlartenment
    courier-authlib-mysql.i386               0.59.3-1.fc5.mf        enlartenment
    courier-imap.i386                        4.1.3-1.fc5.mf         enlartenment
    crontabs.noarch                          1.10-8.fc5             updates
    dhcdbd.i386                              1.15-2.FC5             updates
    frysk.i686                      updates
    gd.i386                                  2.0.33-7.fc5           updates
    gnupg.i386                               1.4.7-4.1              updates
    gpm.i386                                 1.20.1-82.fc5          updates
    kernel-smp.i686                          2.6.20-1.2316.fc5      updates
    kernel-smp-devel.i686                    2.6.20-1.2316.fc5      updates
    krb5-devel.i386                          1.4.3-5.4              updates
    krb5-libs.i386                           1.4.3-5.4              updates
    krb5-workstation.i386                    1.4.3-5.4              updates
    libX11.i386                              1.0.0-4.fc5            updates
    libpcap.i386                             14:0.9.4-4.fc5         updates
    maildrop.i386                            2.0.4-1.fc5.mf         enlartenment
    openldap.i386                            2.3.30-2.fc5           updates
    openldap-devel.i386                      2.3.30-2.fc5           updates
    parted.i386                              1.8.2-1.fc5            updates
    pinfo.i386                               0.6.9-3.fc5            updates
    procps.i386                              3.2.7-2.fc5            updates
    rsync.i386                               2.6.9-2.fc5            updates
    ruby-activerecord.noarch                 1.15.1-1.fc5           extras
    ruby-activesupport.noarch                1.4.0-1.fc5            extras
    tcp_wrappers.i386                        7.6-40.3.fc5           updates
    tcpdump.i386                             14:3.9.4-4.fc5         updates
    tzdata.noarch                            2007d-1.fc5            updates
    If I update this modules specially ldap, courier* will my postfix installation still work without a problem? will I need to reconfigure courier-mysql? and all the other files?

    Hope you can give a hand on this.

  2. Ben

    Ben ISPConfig Developer ISPConfig Developer

    I do not now if you have to reconfigure anything in your special case.
    But I noticed in all updates I have done with yum in the past, that if yum or the updated package changes any configfile, that it notices you about that and the old is saved as *.rmpsave (or sth. similar), so that you can check with diff or anything else if something critical has been changed.
  3. igongora

    igongora New Member

    Thanks Ben,

    Then I´ll try to update my sistem hopefully it won't cause any problem with my postfix instalation.

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