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Discussion in 'Installation/Configuration' started by Casbot, Dec 9, 2019.

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    Just a suggestion for the installation guides, since my last server I built was back in 2014 and I just rebuilt it 5 years later, I came across something that might need to be added.
    After getting everything installed and working, I went back and added the ISPConfig3 plugins for Roundcube like I had before. However, the iscpconfig3_account module wouldnt connect. I dug back into the forums and found the answer which was to update Pear and/or Pecl. So I ran the "pear upgrade" and it worked fine but pecl didnt find anything to upgrade. After upgrading Pear, the module start working just fine.
    So maybe at the end of the guide or somewhere in an appropriate place, upgrading Pear could be added so that it helps avoid the Soap Connectivity issue.
    Again, just a suggestion since unless you're building ISPConfig3 servers frequently, this would be something that could easily be forgotten.
  2. Taleman

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    Which OS is this? I have installed Debian 9 and 10 and the ISPConfig plugins have not required pear or pecl updates.
  3. Casbot

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    I had to update pear on Ubuntu 18.04. After reinstalling all the plugins and configured them just as they were on the old server, I kept getting the Soap Connectivity error. Well I knew the remote account and password matched the config.inc.php file. So I went back to the install page and it had a troubleshooting link, and one of the last things listed was to update Pear and Pecl. I never recall doing that on 14.04 Ubuntu, but I said what the hell I'll try updating them. Pear updated fine and Pecl said it was already the latest and greatest. After the update the plugins mysteriously started working.
  4. Casbot

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