Updated repos for Ubuntu 11.10? Varnish, Lame, php, mysql etc

Discussion in 'Installation/Configuration' started by talkingnews, Nov 26, 2011.

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    I'm about to start afresh with a new instance of a blank VPS and ISPConfig 3.0.4 - I want apache as far away from me as possible, banished forever!

    I know I have to build nginx manually as I need I need the mp4 streaming and cloudflare compiled in.

    But, even after updated apt-get, when I went to fetch the required bits and pieces, it was giving me old versions:

    Php: Latest version is: 5.3.8
    Wants to install:

    Lame: Latest version is: 3.99
    Wants to install: 3.8.4

    Mysql: Latest version is: 5.5.18
    Wants to install: 5.1.58

    Varnish: Latest version is: 3.0.2
    Wants to install: 3.0.0-4 (six months old)

    The only thing I found that was up to date was SoX, at version 14.3.2

    Any suggestions for what to add to my sources.list or am I stuck with roaming around to find unofficial repos or trying to compile things myself?
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    I can answer my own question here - took me 3 hours of googling and I learnt a bit along the way though!

    edit /etc/apt/sources.list

    add these lines

    deb http://nginx.org/packages/ubuntu/ lucid nginx
    deb-src http://nginx.org/packages/ubuntu/ lucid nginx
    deb http://packages.dotdeb.org stable all
    deb-src http://packages.dotdeb.org stable all
    Save and then do:

    wget http://www.dotdeb.org/dotdeb.gpg
    cat dotdeb.gpg | sudo apt-key add -
    apt-get update
    Found at http://www.dotdeb.org/instructions/ and right at the bottom of http://nginx.org/en/download.html
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    Thanks for this, it helped me out!

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