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Discussion in 'Tips/Tricks/Mods' started by kaneda, Jan 22, 2007.

  1. kaneda

    kaneda New Member

    Hello I have an hosting system based on a debian 3.1 with a mysql db v 4.0.24 I want to update that version to v5 (using apt repositories with testing version software, actualli installed with stable) my question is...
    When I change the apt sources config to get testing versions and run apt-get upgrade, what will happend with the ISPConfig data Stored in Mysql?

    Will the update maintain my data and connections will be able to stablish from ISPConfig to new DB without problems?


    P.S. ¿Will be any problem for using testing versions with ISPConfig?
  2. falko

    falko Super Moderator ISPConfig Developer

    The contents of the database isn't touched at all.

    ISPConfig works fine with MySQL 5, so that's no problem. However, you should back up your system before doing the upgrade. And maybe it's better to use the MySQL5 version for Debian Sarge from www.dotdeb.org instead of from testing.
  3. kaneda

    kaneda New Member

    System update without config loss

    Thanks for the reply and great link the dotdeb, just another question if you allow me.

    If I add the dotweb to apt-get sources I would be great to have not only mysql but all the services with versions more up-to-date than the "standar stable" versions that use to be older.

    The question is if I make an apt-get update, the apt-get upgrade, and the system install the new versions for paquets like postfix, apache, courier...

    ¿Will the system de able to maintain configuration of the different programs and continue running all of them integrated with ISPConfig like before the update? Or I will have to modify again configuration files of postfix, apache, ...:confused:

    Is very important to maintain up-to-date versions for security reasons but i feel a lot of fear of start again the configuration.

    Anyway if I lost config, what do you think could be the most faster and easy method for dissaster recovery (Ghost is not an option, I only have console access).

    THanks a lot for your help and for the software, Is a great panel.
  4. till

    till Super Moderator Staff Member ISPConfig Developer

    You can not update all programs to newer versions by adding the dotdeb sources. First, dotdeb does not contain the latest versions for all software, it is mainly used to get the latest PHP and mysql. Also you will most likely break your configuration when you do such a update.

    If you want to get newer packages from all software, either use Ubuntu server instead of Debian or update to the next debian stable release when its hopefully released in the next few weeks.
  5. kaneda

    kaneda New Member

    Mysql Upgrade

    I tryed to do a mysql upgrade -s but I does not get MySQL v 4.1, the only way to install v4.1 is to make an apt-get install mysql-server-4.1 and if I run it with -s for simulation the result that I have is that install will attemp to remove Mysql 4.0 and Install v4.1.:(

    In that process Im not sure if data will remain when I look for it in v4.1, and even I make a full dump of mysql 4.0 databases, will this dump be compatible with the MySQL 4.1 to recover the data?:confused:

    thanks again
  6. falko

    falko Super Moderator ISPConfig Developer

    Yes, at least I've never had problems with MySQL 4.0 dumps on MySQL 4.1.

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