unison load balancing not keeping file permissions

Discussion in 'Installation/Configuration' started by waltereyanu, Nov 20, 2012.

  1. waltereyanu

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    Hello, am building a load balancer with unison, however though the files are coped file from one server to the other, their file permissions are reset to root:root. Is there a way of keeping file permissions intact and also how do i copy users from main server to back-up server?
  2. till

    till Super Moderator Staff Member ISPConfig Developer

    Did you take a look at the configuration described in the debian 6 ispconfig 3 cluster Tutorial? The unsison configuration used in that guide keeps the file permissions during sync.
  3. waltereyanu

    waltereyanu New Member

  4. waltereyanu

    waltereyanu New Member

    Hey Till, i have configured my domains with 2 A records, for testing purposes i switch off server1 and the websites now show:
    Further investigations show that in the folder /etc/nginx/sites-enabled/ on server1 are not the same with server2 do i also have to sync them just as the /var/www/ folder?
  5. waltereyanu

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    Even if i do a copy those files have got links attacked to them and this is a sample:
  6. till

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    These are links and have to be links and not files. The owner of the link shall be root and the permissions are fine as well.

    No, they are synced by ispconfig. Dont apply any other sync like unison on them or you will break the server!

    If they dont get mirrored by ispconfig, then your slave server is not setup correctly or you did not add the salve server before you added the first website on the master. The most likely reason is that the slave can not connect to the master due to wrong host settings. See here for debug instructions:


    Reagrding the unison sync problem, if your slave server is not connected correctly to the master or you added sites on the master before you added the slave, then the users that own the files dont exist on the slave which will explain why unison has to store the files as root.

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