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    Gateway 7330gz notebook
    no cd, no boot from usb

    I installed unbuntu 8.04 using a HDD adapter & pc
    no sound

    9.10 same install method
    no sound
    I've done a 10.04 lts, black screen at restart after install

    I used unetbootin to download mint8 [10.04 same BSD] on an empty 39g partition
    when I install mint I get stuck right after the partitioning
    sda1 is empty, message of no mount point, so I set to /

    I get a message that I need to unmount sda6 which is where 8.04 unbuntu is
    & redirected to the list of partitions
    I still see 8.04 on grub boot menu

    ran a couple of rounds of updates
    I'm on 9.10 unbuntu

    ran UnetBootin with 10.04
    at reboot 10.04 not one of the options on grub boot menu

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