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    In the multiserver sample of the ispconfig3 manual ech server has a mysql server for the ispconfig database. On the other site there is a dedicated db server. Do I see it right that marking a server as a db server has nothing to do with the with marking it as a db server. Marking a server as a db server just means this is a multipurpose db server for websites etc.

    Marking a server a a filesserver means it is dedicatet for (s)ftp services.

    Making as Mail and Web seams clear to me, VZ too.

    What specially does ispconfig with these marks as mail,web etc. services?
    i.e. if I have a mailserver with dovecot an squirremail I should mark it as mailserver, should/must I mark it as webserver too?

    Thank you for clearing this

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    Ecah server has its own mysql instance as ispconfig uses mysql to store config data, this canfig data has to be stored in a redundant way to ensure that no other server is affected when a server fails. for that reason it makes no sense to use one dedicated mysql server for config data as this server would be a single point of failure.

    The Syste, > server settings switches in ispconfig are used to enable / disable a server for a specific service in the ispconfig interface. e.g. only servers were you enabled mail service will show up in the mail module as mailserver and only servers were you enabled db server for, will show up as database servers in the ispconfig sites module.

    If you enable a serbice for a server that you havent configured, e.g. web server on a mail serevr, then you would be able to add sites on the mail server, but these sites wont work off course, so it makes no sense to enable a service for a server that this server is not providing.

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