Unable to start the settings manager 'gnome-settings-daemon'

Discussion in 'Desktop Operation' started by xtasyarmada, Mar 15, 2009.

  1. xtasyarmada

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    Please help me with this issue.


    DELL XPS M1710
    Fedora Core 8
    2.8GHZ Intel Dual Core
    2 GB RAM
    nVidia GeForce 7850 GTX
    (If you need more ask please)

    After the computer boots it takes an unusual amount of time to show the login screen, sometimes it accepts my username immediately, sometimes it doesn't. Everytime it takes approximately 20+ minutes to verify my password. After FINALLY getting logged on it takes approximately 1 hour for everything to load up. I'm stilling missing things when it loads. Then a window pops up with this message:

    Unable to start the settings manager 'gnome-settings-daemon'.

    Without the GNOME settings manager running, some preferences may not take effect. This could indicate a problem with Bonobo, or a non-GNOME (e.g. KDE) settings manager may already be active and conflicting with the GNOME settings manager.

    Now I had made no changes to my system at all when these began happening. One minute it was running fine, then my internet lost connection so I restarted X after resetting my modem. Also if i login as root then it will accept the user name and password just fine, but it still takes a little bit for me to be able to edit any system settings.

    Please help me with this as I can't do ANYTHING on my laptop. :(
  2. id10t

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    Sounds like a network issue, since X is network based.

    What is in /etc/hosts ? I've noticed that Ubuntu likes to put your hostname at 127.0.X.X where X.X is not 0.1 ...

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