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Discussion in 'Installation/Configuration' started by estebanmora, Jul 14, 2011.

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    I setup a dedicated server using Ubuntu 10.04 and ISPConfig 3. I think I have all working fine but the emails. The domains are resolving fine (all of them) and when I check for messages using mail2web there they are. But when I try to use Thunderbird I receive the error: wrong username / password.

    The records of the DNS are:

    A mail myIPaddress 0
    A misviejosamigos.co.cr. myIPaddress 0
    A www myIPaddress 0
    MX mydomain.co.cr. mail.mydomain.co.cr. 10
    NS mydomain.co.cr. ns1.mynameserver.com. 0
    NS mydomain.co.cr. ns2.mynameserver..com. 0

    If my email address is "[email protected]", I'm configuring the client this way:

    Username: esteban
    Incoming server: mydomain.co.cr

    I've also tried using mail.mydomain.co.cr and I receive the same error.

    Please, help.
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    That was the problem... thanks for your help.

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