unable to get (Ftp,databases,emails ...) list from whmcs ispcf3 client area

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    Hello Team,
    we use a Multi Server environment ispconfig 3.1.11 and whmcs 7. after settings we able to provisioning but it's not possible to view ftp or emails users in client area. also we able to create from the whmcs client area and we can see the created ftp users in ispconfig.
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    @cwispy , thanks a lot for the job, after many testing i find that may be you have to change in /functions/base.php file the options value for "get" methods.
    $_options = isset($options['id']) ? $options['id'] : array('sys_groupid' => $user['userid']); (Doesn't work)
    $_options = isset($options['id']) ? $options['id'] : array('sys_userid' => $user['userid']); Work properly

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