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Discussion in 'General' started by AmpSys, Feb 21, 2018.

  1. AmpSys

    AmpSys New Member

    I made the mistake of allowing somebody SSH access to my ISPCONFIG3 webserver thinking they knew what they were doing.

    From what I can tell, they chmod'ed the entire /var/www/clients directory and blew things up.

    I have a multi-server setup with 2 NS, 1 DB (website backed ends), and 1 web.

    I get a 500 on EVERYTHING after this idiot was allowed in. No sites will render, and the UI (on the web server) won't either. I'm pretty sure it's a permissions thing, but running updates didn't fix it so I think the webserver is broke.

    DNS is STILL working.

    Any help/guidance is HUGELY appreciated - not sure where to start and I don't want to rebuild the whole ISPConfig setup.

  2. AmpSys

    AmpSys New Member

    I do have all the dbs backed up as well as all the /web directories of all the sites.

    I'm hoping I can just fix the web server here and get my gui working again.

    I hope all this makes sense - this system has been running just perfectly for over 3 years.
  3. till

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    Are you still able to login to ISPConfig? If yes, login, go to system > server config > web, enable the option to update permissions on update and then run tools > resync on the websites. This should fix at least the permissions of the website folders, but not the content inside the 'web' folder. So if it's still not working then, the next step would be to manually fix the ownership and mode of files that are in the 'web' folder of the sites.

    If you need help with that, you might want to contact Florian from ISPConfig Business support: http://www.ispconfig.org/get-support/?type=ispconfig

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