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    Ive lots of problems with uebimiau.. my clients loose their folders, address books... which webmail is the best one? roundcube is fine.. but ill feel more confortable with someone with a mysql database to keep the data.. is there a how to to install Horde or something like this?
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    Roundcube can also be configured with mySQL if you wish to. Only the config provided with the pkg insatllation from the ISPConfig is installed with sqlight.
    The initial file for the SQL-DB can be found in: /home/admispconfig/ispconfig/web/roundcubemail/SQL
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    On my ISPConfig server i have successfully installed IlohaMail and as alternative RoundCube.

    Both are very nice, easy to setup but IlohaMail (at the moment) offers the most functionality, especially when you use an MySQL database.

    IlohaMail is not mentioned a lot of times in this forum, but it is really nice and offers a nice calender/planner/Bookmarkmanager and contact manager as well.

    For more information:
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